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About Max Properties

Max Properties was founded by Sharad Mehta and began with a single property purchase in 2010. The primary objective of Max Properties is to help investors make money through real estate while giving back to the community. Our approach to real estate has always been about investing in communities first. We only purchase property after thoroughly vetting the surrounding neighborhood. We take the time to interview local shop owners and neighbors to get a feel for the area before buying into it.

We even call the local police department and ask not only about crime, but what their personal experiences and impressions of the neighborhood are. Because they’re on the streets every day, they have an unparalleled vantage point, and with their endorsement, Max Properties can make confident recommendations and purchases that pay off for investors.

When it comes to renting, Max Properties screens tenants not just through the usual means, but with a personalize approach. With a combined knowledge of the area and the tenants, Max Properties has a personal connection to the community which gives investors a firm grasp of not only the present state of the market, but the potential for that neighborhood in the future.

At Max Properties, we believe that hard work creates opportunity, and we apply that spirit to ensuring each property is ready to be a home. We manage each property throughout any necessary renovations – handling the contractors and managing labor until it is rental ready.

Through restoration projects and smart community investment, Max Properties is able to improve not only homes but the landscape we live in while helping investors profit alongside tenants and neighbors. We believe this is the highest level of investment and the key to true profit.